The Elizabeth Parsons School of Dance
116 West 6th Avenue
Windermere, FL 34786


Fundamental Dance Styles (FDS) 1 & 2
Designed to develop rhythm, coordination, self-esteem, and music appreciation. The child learns very basic dance steps and the relation of a group situation in a creative manner.

Ages 3 – 6

Beginning Ballet
First introduction to formal ballet training. Study of basic feet, arm, and body positions. Emphasis is placed on body placement and building self-discipline and self-confidence in the basic ballet positions.

Ages 6 – 9

Intermediate and Advanced Ballet
Through these levels, the student will follow a carefully structured syllabus designed to gradually increase refinement of technique and performance. Emphasis is placed on correct body placement with certain exercises designed for this. The classes in this division provide the central core of classical ballet. Students must be evaluated by instructor in order to be placed in classes.

Ages 9 & Up

Pointe work will begin when the student is the correct age, and the instructor has evaluated the student for muscular development, progress, and proper preparation. The student must be taking 2 or more Ballet Technique classes a week.

Teen Ballet
A perfect class for students who have never taken ballet before or who might have taken as a small child. Students will learn the basic principles of ballet with proper technique, working on body alignment and posture as well as development of the feet and turnout. A wonderful way to introduce students to the world of ballet.

Ages 9 & up

American Jazz
Jazz has its own technique, but styles vary with teachers, thus making this dance type diverse and exciting to watch and perform. Various levels offered. The student must be taking at least one Ballet class per week.

Ages 7 & Up

Exploration of form, style, and technique are the basic fundamental movements of the tap class. This helps the student develop rhythm, coordination, and timing. The student will be evaluated by instructor and placed in the proper level class according to his/her ability. We offer Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes.

Ages 8 & up
* Adult Tap is offered for all levels and based on seasonal interest.

Modern is the study of torso manipulation on and off center while incorporating improvisation, weight share, counter balance, and inversion techniques. It is a constantly changing art form offered for our ballet technique students with Director and Faculty approval.

This class is designed to help students understand the concept of dancing with expressed emotions and connecting their movements through song and dance. The focus is creating a story through dance while engaging on graceful movement, beautiful lines, and controlled expressions. Student must be strong in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Techniques. Lyrical is offered for our higher ballet technique students with Director and Faculty approval.

Proper warm-up stretches and conditioning exercises are introduced to gain strength, flexibility, balance and agility. Class work includes, but not limited to rolls, backbends, handstands and cartwheels. Students will be evaluated by the instructor and placed in the proper level class according to his/her ability and age. The student must be taking at least one Ballet class per week.

Ages 8 & up

Hip Hop
A fun, energetic class, that incorporates a funky feel of dance similar to street jazz but in a more modern & rhythmic way. Students will learn various styles of hip hop including “old school” & new moves and floor work, in an age appropriate way.

Ages 7 & up